Pundits & Partisans — SNC Lavalin Part 2

With the SNC Lavalin controversy continuing to dominate headlines, competition for Partisan Hack of the Week was fierce. Last week’s winner, Sheila Copps, made a strong play with her incredibly disgusting tweet likening Jody Wilson-Raybould to a boil. Nothing to see here, just a former minister and once respected feminist trailblazer calling another human being a boil.

Sheila Copps – hopefully just after throwing long stick into a shrimp boil.

Sadly for Copps, Michelle Rempel was simply more dedicated to eroding public regard for politicians, calling Justin Trudeau a piece of shit.

In her defence, Justin Trudeau infamously directed the same insult at Peter Kent in the House of Commons. Also in Ms. Rempel’s defence, she used an emoji, and never mind there’s no damn excuse. An MP called the prime minister a piece of shit and apparently that’s OK. Winner!

Pundits were no less determined to lose any shred of respectability. Warren Kinsella — an honourable mention last week — didn’t leave anything to chance, confidently declaring that the Liberal Party is cult.

Fixed if for you: “The Liberal Party has morphed into every political party”

The column is partly about Kinsella himself, and why he became a lawyer, and also how Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould are a bit like a Peter Fonda character from an old western movie. Huh. The piece quickly concludes that Liberals are cult members because they are — to paraphrase — blindingly following their leader. Finally, with great flourish, Kinsella predicts the end of the Liberal Party:

“And so, you will end like all cults do: You will go down with your leader. You will perish with him, and you all richly deserve it.”

Warren Kinsella, prophet

It’s true that nauseating loyalty to party leaders can be a problem in Canada. We usually see it every single time a party leader does or says anything whatsoever.

Just as nauseating are the relentless attacks on party leaders by partisans from across the aisle (AKA: members of other cults) regardless of whether those leaders are engaging in partisan politics.

For example, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer took a break from partisan tweeting to congratulate Listowel, Ontario’s Corey Conners on his impressive PGA Tour win. Charles Morissette of Twitter wannabe fame took no such break:

Thanks Charles — you definitely made Twitter and all of Canada a better place by insisting that Andrew Scheer remain fully partisan at all times. Troll.