Photo by Sjschen – CC BY 3.0

Quebec cheese makers break record for world’s largest poutine

A group of Quebec cheese makers made the world’s largest poutine this weekend.

La Fromagerie du Presbytère, in the town of Warwick, along with two other cheesemongers, used nearly 1,000 kilograms of cheese curds to make the monster poutine, which weighed a total 3,038 kilograms.

The cheese shop announced the achievement in a video on Facebook Saturday after breaking the Guinness World Record for largest poutine.

The two other participating cheese makers, Fromagerie Victoria and Fromage Warwick, each made a portion of the cheese curds, according to the Montreal Gazette. It took 26 to 28 hours to make the cheese curds alone. Preparing and cooking the fries took a couple hours, using 40 deep friers.

The cheese makers were set to sell as many portions of the record-breaking poutine to raise funds for colorectal cancer prevention.

The previous record for the world’s largest poutine was 2,000 kilograms and was set in Trois-Rivières, Que., in 2015.