Quebec couple finds frog inside green pepper

How does one find a frog burrowed in their freshly purchased produce? That’s a mystery a Saguenay, Que., couple would like to know the answer to.

According to CBC News, Nicole Gagnon and Gérald Blackburn discovered a little amphibian living inside a green pepper they bought from a local grocery store last weekend. The couple reported the incident to their grocery store as well as Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ).

“It’s like the Caramilk secret. How the frog ended up in the pepper, I have no idea,” Gagnon said.

The couple placed the frog and the vegetable in a container for ministry officials to come and collect.

The matter will also be transferred to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to the fact that the pepper is an imported product. And while MAPAQ reports about 20 similar situations on average each year, the discovery of a frog is unique as it’s normally insects or spiders that are found.