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Rainy weather halts Saskatchewan farmers' harvest
Photo by Maxim Izbash on Unsplash.

Rainy weather halts Saskatchewan farmers’ harvest

Wet, rainy weather in Saskatchewan has put a dent in the harvest season.

As reported by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, the province is behind compared to its five-year average for this time in the season.

While 18 per cent of crop is in the bin, the most recent provincial crop report from Sept. 3-9, 2019 indicates the average is 43 per cent between the years of 2014 and 2018.

Cory Jacob, a crop extension specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture, told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix that constant rain throughout the province has caused crops to bleach, sprout and stain.

“There’s frustrations because we had such a very dry start to the year and the rain came at the time where we needed it the least,” he said.

The province’s report attributes crop damage to flooding, strong winds, light frost and hail, with a large portion of the province having received rainfall at the beginning of the month.

Jacob said that although it’s been difficult for the province’s farmers, there’s still time to make up for the delay.

“This is kind of like second quarter of the football game and you’re behind. You can still make it up.”