Rats overrun small B.C. town

Residents of Creston, B.C., are so fed up with their town’s rat problem that they have started leaving dead vermin on the steps of town hall.

“Fortunately, they haven’t reached my desk because my staff have intercepted,” the town’s mayor, Ron Toyota, told CBC News.

There aren’t any official statistics on the number of rats that have been roaming around Creston, but the mayor said he has heard rising concerns about the town’s rodents.

Resident Trish Drinkle has leapt into action, forming the Creston Rat Patrol. She hasĀ  created a Facebook group for residents to report sightings. WildSafe B.C. is now using these Facebook reports to create a map to track the town’s rats.

“I feel really hopeful that we can make a dent, and maybe even eradicate these suckers,” said Drinkle.

Drinkle has also launched a contest that awards prizes to residents who see the most rats in a week.

“It wasn’t my life aspiration to be rat girl of Creston,” said Drinkle.