RCMP officers noticed this unusual registration sticker on a car in P.E.I. Photo courtesy RCMP

RCMP catch P.E.I. driver with ‘homemade’ registration sticker

A P.E.I. man is facing hefty fines after he got caught allegedly making his own licence plate registration sticker.

A RCMP officer noticed the unusual sticker after he pulled the man over on Friday afternoon.

Police said the man had altered his registration sticker, as well as his inspection sticker.

“The sticker itself was kind of a homemade sticker,” RCMP Sgt. Chris Gunn told CBC News. “It was very poor quality, that’s what brought the attention of myself to the plate and the sticker.”

The officer served the man a number of tickets after he found that the man’s car had no valid inspection, registration, insurance, and that his driver’s licence was also suspended.

Gunn told CBC News he fined the man $275 for driving with a suspended licence and an additional $675 for not having insurance. He was issued a warning for his homemade stickers.

“It’s not often that somebody has altered the stickers,” Gunn said.

“It’s quite common that people will find plates from a junkyard or whatever that have a valid sticker on them and place them on the car licence plate and the licence plate of course does not match the car.”

The man’s car was also impounded.