Courtesy Nova Scotia RCMP

RCMP seize 100 guns in Nova Scotia after misdialed 911 call

Police stumbled across a stockpile of 100 guns at a house after a resident misdialed 911.

Yarmouth RCMP responded to the call on Monday and made the unusual discovery while checking the home to make sure there wasn’t an emergency. It turned out the resident had accidentally called 911 when he meant to dial 411, according to CBC News.

“When the police officers went to the individual’s home, they felt that they needed to get inside the home to make sure there was no emergency,” Cpl. Jennifer Clarke told CBC. “With permission from the homeowner, they did enter the home.”

Officers seized 94 long guns and six handguns from the homeowner, as they were not “properly secured.”

The RCMP arrested the man and charged him with unsafe storage of a firearm.

The man was later released and given a a court date in October.