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Regina exceeds monthly rain average in just three days
Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash.

Regina exceeds monthly rain average in just three days

The city of Regina surpassed its monthly average for rain in just 72 hours.

As reported by the Regina Leader Post, Saskatchewan’s capital city was drenched with 80 millimetres of rain between Friday and Monday.

Blaine Lowry, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told the Regina Leader Post that he considers the precipitation to be fairly significant.

“The rain’s still ongoing, so those numbers are probably going to go up, if anything,” he said.

The average amount of rain for Regina in the month of August is 45 millimetres, according to Environment Canada data.

Last Friday 40 millimetres of rain dropped on the city, causing significant delays for a Garth Brooks concert and the Regina Folk Festival.

Monday had a strong rainfall that started around 4 a.m. and tapered off around 9 a.m.

Pat Wilson, the city’s director of water, waste and environmental services for the City of Regina said the rain has overwhelmed its sewer system.

She said it can take six to eight hours for the sewer system to clear out after filling up from a bad storm.

“We’re hoping to see the rain hold off for a few hours so that system can clear out,” Wilson told the Regina Leader Post Monday.

The rain also delayed a number of construction projects along the city, including the asphalting of a newly repaired sink hole.

On Monday a number of other communities in Saskatchewan received a dousing of rain in addition to Regina.

Swift Current saw 32 millimetres, Moose Jaw, 31, Maple Creek, 27 and Weyburn, 26.