Saskatchewan distillery breaks record with 750-litre caesar

A Saskatchewan distillery has made the world’s largest caesar with more than 4,500 shots of vodka.

Last Mountain Distillery mixed the record-breaking cocktail with 312 jugs of Clamato juice, 20 bottles of lime juice and 18 bottles of Worcestershire sauce, according to a story in the Regina Leader-Post.

For garnish, the distillery used two blocks of cheese, a head of celery and two large steaks.

The Lumsden, Sask., distillery’s co-owner, Meredith Schmidt, first decided to make the oversized caesar after a customer on a tour saw the size of one of the operation’s tanks and asked if they held such a record.

“And I kind of looked and him funny and thought, ‘We don’t — why don’t we own that record?’” Schmidt told the Leader-Post.

The distillery made the caesar for its annual “Caeser Fest.” It took around 40 minutes to prepare the drink, and just a little more than five hours to consume it.

“We weren’t really sure, we were like, ‘If we make all this, what are we going to do with it?’ But yeah, that was not an issue,” Schmidt said.

The record for largest caesar was previously held by the village of Pain Court, Ont., which had created a 588-litre cocktail.