Photo by Tomasz Piwowarek BioPub – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Saskatchewan man buys canoe with Canadian Tire money

What started as a joke on social media ended in a Saskatoon man raising enough Canadian Tire money to buy a canoe.

Tomas Terfloth amassed more than $940 in the retailer’s coupons after he posted a request on Facebook three years ago. He told followers that he needed to save up to buy a new canoe.

Donations came in over the years, culminating in a big push of around $500 in early June. Most of what he ended up with was donated by strangers and friends, as he only collected $150 of his own coupons.

“For some reason that I don’t really understand, it just resonated with people,” Terfloth told CBC News. “It wasn’t just that they liked it, or they thought it was funny, but they wanted to contribute.”

The 40-year-old man recently traded in a briefcase packed with Canadian Tire money for a canoe worth $777. He said he plans to trade in the rest for a cover for the boat.

Terfloth told CBC he couldn’t think of anything more Canadian.

“I don’t know if it could have happened anywhere else,” he said.