Saskatchewan man pleads guilty after running through grocery store naked

Prosecutors are asking for a year-long jail sentence be imposed on a Saskatchewan man, who pleaded guilty to running through a grocery store naked.

Calvin John Jobb made headlines in March when he was arrested at a Prince Albert, Sask. grocery store after he ran around the store naked. He pleaded guilty to a number of charges, which included indecent exposure and mischief.

Video footage of the incident showed Jobb roving around the store with no clothes on, yelling and throwing products at the man filming him.

In Jobb’s sentencing hearing Monday, prosecutors told the court that he swung a broom, damaged cash registers, and jumped into a meat cooler, according to a Canadian Press story. It took four officers to get Jobb out of the store.

Jobb’s lawyer has requested a six-month sentence, arguing he was hallucinating after taking a drug he believed was marijuana.

“He knew he was consuming something,” lawyer Robert Rooney said in court, according to the Canadian Press. “He didn’t know exactly what it was and he found that terrifying.”

Rooney said Jobb has been trying to get help to stay sober and that the he has experienced public shaming on social media that would likely deter him from doing something similar in the future.

“He is hoping to get on with his life,” Rooney said.

Jobb is set to be sentenced May 22.