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Saskatchewan woman amasses $20,000 eraser collection

A Saskatchewan woman who has been hoarding erasers since she was 10 years old said her collection is worth about $20,000. 

Kerri Thurman told the Regina Leader-Post her obsession began with a pink lightbulb eraser she received 36 years ago.  

“I’m very cheap when it comes time to money and sales and stuff, like I won’t buy a piece of clothing unless it’s on sale,” she told the newspaper. “But one eraser could be $100 and I would buy it like that.”

The Balgonie, Sask. resident’s growing collection of around 6,500 items includes — but certainly isn’t limited to — erasers embodying Hello Kitty, Brian Mulroney, Mr. T, pizza and a Rubik’s Cube.

And out of all her pieces, she thinks the one that’s the most rare is her eraser that’s a Campbell’s Soup kid. 

“They don’t sell those in the store. When I worked at Grainfields when it was in Regina, my coffee guys in the morning all the time were the Campbell Soup (representatives), and then when I left to go to school in Minot, they put this big package together for me and that was part of it,” she said. “I always thought that one was pretty cool.”

While the erasers normally stay stored in her basement inside plastic boxes, Thurman recently took them out to display in what she said was the first time in six or seven years. 

Total set-up time amounted to seven hours to haul out the entire collection, she said.  

“When you say erasers, you just think geek, and I get it when there’s just a couple shoeboxes full,” she said. “But when you see this, it’s just like ‘Wow. This is pretty cool.’”