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Saskatchewan woman finds scorpion in fruit package
Image by 41330 from Pixabay.

Saskatchewan woman finds scorpion in fruit package

A Saskatoon woman discovered some extra protein inside a container of blackberries from her local grocery.

As reported by CTV News, Jaelyn Ford was with her roommate at Sobeys when she found a dead scorpion in the fruit package.

She said they both noticed the creature’s tail poking out of the plastic package on Monday.

“At first, my roommate thought it was a leaf. But then I picked it up, and noticed it was a scorpion,” Ford said.

She added that having grown up on a farm, she wasn’t fazed by the incident.

A spokesperson from Sobeys confirmed to CTV News that the scorpion was found at one of their locations.

They said that this situation is not consistent with the in-store experiences they try provide to their customers and added that all produce was inspected after the berries were removed.