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Saskatoon removes 635,000 kg of pigeon poop from bridge
Saskatoon’s Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge has accumulated pigeon poop over the last five decades. Photo by Drm310, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Senator_Sid_Buckwold_Bridge.jpg (modified)

Saskatoon removes 635,000 kg of pigeon poop from bridge

Saskatoon has made progress on tackling its pigeon poop problem.

As reported by the Edmonton Sun, 635,000 kilograms of pigeon poop have been removed from the city’s Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge. About 2,300 pigeons were also killed as part of the city’s project.

Last spring, the city announced it would be spending more than $800,000 on specialized contractors to eliminate 348 tonnes of pigeon droppings off the 183-metre bridge that spans the South Saskatchewan River.

Along the with potential health implications that come with such an excessive amount of poop, there were also concerns that uric acid in the droppings could eat away at concrete and steel in the bridge’s structure.

The city told the Sun that the contractors who trapped the pigeons and euthanized them have put barriers in place to stop the birds from settling on the bridge.