Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

Several Ontario brides allegedly scammed by same photographer

It’s not uncommon to hear about a runaway bride, but how about a runaway photographer?

As reported by CBC News, several brides who hired an Ontario photographer to take their wedding photos have had her disappear on them.

Shelby Morell of Shelby Morell Photography photographed at least seven weddings in southern Ontario, but a number of couples have said that they did not receive the photos or videos they paid for.

Erica Licata, one woman who sought out Morell’s services said she knew Morell from elementary school and her prices seemed unbeatable.

When Morell showed up to her wedding in 2018, Licata said that she took over a thousand photos. Since that day, Licata has only seen about 50 photos and hasn’t received the wedding package she was promised.

Seven woman, including Licata, told CBC News that they’ve been calling, e-mailing and texting Morell, but she has been unresponsive to their messages.

“I’ve seen her post stuff and I’ve commented on it asking for my photos,” said Kathryn Deinum, one bride who booked the photographer last December. “It’s frustrating.”

Debbie Wiley, another woman who hired Morell, said that she had been researching photographers and saw that Morell initially had good reviews. But once she started having issues with the photographer, she started to see that she wasn’t the only one.

Darryl Singer, head of civil and commercial litigation at a law firm in Toronto, told CBC News that if the women decide to sue Morell for the amount they paid her, it’s likely that they will win.

But suggested that they ask the Superior Court for an injunction, which is a court order that states the photographer to provide all video and photography that she took.

CBC News attempted to contact Morell a number of times, but she responded only once in an e-mail in October.

“I am so ashamed, but wholeheartedly acknowledge my mistakes,” she wrote, adding that all women will receive what they are owed.

So far the women are still waiting.