Sinkhole swallows cats, causes $20,000 headache for Edmonton woman

An Edmonton woman who had a mysterious sinkhole emerge on her property and swallow two neighbourhood cats is facing a hefty bill to repair and prevent future damage. 

Rebecca Hung first noticed a one-foot square hole as she was preparing for spring cleaning last month.  

But before she knew it, the small hole had evolved into a bottomless pit that sucked up two felines, taking almost two weeks to rescue them. 

Hung told the Edmonton Journal that the cost to fix the hole and take measures that will avoid future destruction will be anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000. 

She also took to social media to give followers an update on the operations that will be taking place, explaining that engineers have recommended excavation and the addition of a sump that will provide her home with more support. 

 “Pretty big bill which neither the city or insurance will help but that’s the life of homeowner,” she wrote in a tweet.  

Engineers who assessed Hung’s sinkhole were unable to provide information on its origin.  

John Erdman, owner of Reliable Home Inspection told the Edmonton Journal that a large problem associated with sinkholes is that they are not easy to identify until they collapse. 

“As far as being able to prevent it, I wouldn’t think it’s economically practical. You can get your sewer scoped, but against your service line, there really isn’t much you can do about that,” he said. 

Erdman added that those in older neighbourhoods are more at risk with water leaks from sewer and hydro lines also being a common cause for sinkhole outbreaks.