Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash.

Small bear passes through Alberta barbecue joint

A restaurant in Canmore, Alta., had an unexpected guest saunter through its doors this week.

Petr Holub of Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue told the Calgary Herald that he saw a small black bear stepping into his establishment on Sunday around 7 p.m.

“I was behind the bar and I saw people jumping up on the tables,” Holub said. “He was looking sort of confused.”

Surveillance video posted on social media from the restaurant shows the bear stayed inside the barbecue joint for about five seconds before going back outside.

It then roamed around the restaurant’s exterior and peered into a window.

Cpl. Sabrina Clayton with the RCMP said police and staff from the province’s fish and wildlife department tended to reports of a bear on the loose Sunday evening and were eventually able to return it to the bush surrounding the town.

“He wasn’t showing any signs of bad behaviour,” she said, noting the bear showed no signs of aggression. “The poor thing ended up more scared than anything.”

Despite this, Holub said his restaurant will be keeping its front doors closed to prevent any future encounters with wildlife.

“People thought it was pretty exciting. People say it smells good here so maybe the bear thought so, too,” he said. “But I would say it’s probably not a good thing if it happens again.”