The Bachelor finale, Part 2: Colton finds love

After a suspenseful two-night season finale, Bachelor Nation can finally sleep at night knowing that Colton Underwood’s search for love is finally over. 

The former linebacker and season 14 bachelor followed his heart and risked everything for contestant Cassie Randolph.

The episode opened with Underwood chatting with Randolph after he dumped two other women on the previous episode. 

“I did this not to tell you that I love you, but to show you,” said Underwood as he attempted to win back Randolph. “Don’t you understand how much I didn’t want you to run away?”

Randolph seemed flattered in their conversation, but was still uneasy about the whole situation. She asked Underwood if he was really sure about his decision since she did not want him to resent her in the long run.

After some more convincing, Underwood popped a rather unexpected question, which fans certainly had something to say about on social media.  

“Do you want to go to Spain with my family?” he asked. 

So, from Portugal, the pair made their way to Spain to meet Underwood’s relatives. 

Meeting the Parents… 

Bachelor fans experienced a rather awkward visit with Underwood’s family in a Spanish villa. 

Before Randolph arrived, Underwood had a brief chat with his relatives about his relationship with the 23-year-old speech pathologist. 

His father asked if Underwood was in love with the final contestant. He told him he was, but that she was not in love with him.

At that point, his relatives started to get a little worried for the virgin bachelor. 

It was not looking good for Underwood as he left the villa to wait for Randolph. She hesitated about whether she wanted to meet his family.

“I don’t want to let them down…. I don’t want to be able to go in confused,” said Randolph to Underwood through tears. 

Finally, after some more convincing and telling the contestant to “be herself,” she decided to take part in the family date. 

Randolph’s conversations were honest and open with Underwood’s parents. She was upfront about the fact that she cares for him, but is not in love with him. 

Underwood’s father got emotional with his son after these discussions, asking him if he was sure he made the right choice.

“I know how you are when you’re in love and seeing you hurt after that, it hurt bad. I didn’t know what to do… I hope she is open and I hope this develops, ” he said to his son. 

Underwood tried to tell his dad that Randolph is “different” and that he is confident she will eventually be able to reciprocate the same feelings he has for her. 

The meeting wrapped up and viewers were left with the impression that Underwood’s parents were just as concerned as they had been at the beginning of their discussions.

First date as a couple 

Underwood and Randolph spent the next day rappelling down a mountain where they enjoyed a picnic by the sea afterwards. 

“Today is about figuring this out once and for all,” he told producers. 

The season 14 bachelor took this time to ask Randolph what concerns her about their relationship.

“Just being in one in general is a commitment,” she said, which led fans to wonder why she might be on the show.

But she explained what she meant.

“I dated someone in college and he planned out when he was going to propose to me and I think that’s why I’m so hesitant to be in a committed relationship because I feel like the ones I’ve had have been controlling,” she said.

Underwood then reassured her that that would not be the case with their relationship. 

“I feel how much Colton loves me and it makes me excited about our future,” Randolph said to producers about their conversation. 

At dinner, the couple was presented with a fantasy suite envelope, which gave them the option of spending the night together. 

They chose to proceed and the cameras left them alone. But we can get an idea of what happened based on Underwood’s remarks.

After the fantasy suite

“I feel like a new man,” Underwood told producers. “Whatever happened last night was greatfor our relationship,” he added. 

Though, when the pair made their first appearance in front of Chris Harrison, Underwood did not care to elaborate after he was asked if he was still a virgin. In response, he told Harrison that he would ask for privacy on that issue because there are now two people in the relationship.

Both Underwood and Randolph told the Bachelor host that they are finally on the same page. 

“We’re super in love and we’re still enjoying dating,” Randolph said. 

They also told Harrison that they plan to travel the world together in upcoming months. 

The new Bachelorette

Viewers also found out that former bachelor contestant Hannah Brown would become the next season’s bachelorette.

The show traditionally picks from the top three contestants, so it might come as a surprise that producers decided to go with the 23-year-old pageant queen who placed fifth on Underwood’s season. 

There has been mixed reaction from Bachelor Nation over the decision, leaving fans divided.  

But we know one thing for sure, once Brown makes her Bachelorette debut, Chris Harrison will be telling us to expect “the most dramatic season in bachelor history yet.”