The Bachelor weekly wrap-up: Fans finally witness Colton’s fence hop

Last night, Bachelor Nation finally got to witness the moment they have all been waiting for: the much anticipated, highly publicized, fence hop.

The final three contestants made their way to Algarve, Portugal where a number of “fantasy suite” dates were on the table.

For virgin bachelor, Colton Underwood, it was quite clear the possibility of overnight dates was weighing heavy on his mind.

The episode opened with a conversation between Bachelor host, Chris Harrison and Underwood over the chance that the former football player might lose his virginity on one of his upcoming dates this week.

“This is going to change your life forever,” said Harrison.

And this week, Underwood’s love life did face some changes, but not necessarily for the better.

Here is a breakdown of the dates:

Date #1 with Tayshia Adams

Throughout this season Adams and Underwood have been known to partake in more adventurous dates like skydiving or bungee jumping. This week, they flew over picturesque Algarve in a helicopter together.

“It’s safe to say, I’m falling in love with Tayshia,” Underwood told fans, as he narrated over images of their date in the helicopter.

“If today goes great and I figure out Tayshia is my person, then things might work out later,” Underwood added, foreshadowing to the possibility of the two spending the night together.

Later at dinner together, the two were presented an envelope that gave them the option to continue the rest of the date in the fantasy suite, as per traditional Bachelor protocol. They decided to proceed, yet, scenes from the next morning revealed it did not go as Adams had expected.

“I didn’t get to have the physical intimacy that I really wanted,” she told producers.

While Underwood did tell Adams personally that he was “falling in love” with her, he revealed that his mind was elsewhere.

“My mind is thinking about the other two relationships,” he admitted.

Date #2 with Cassie Randolph

In contrast to the first date, Underwood and Randolph explored Algarve on the ground. Things seemed to be going well between the two, so well that Underwood expressed some strong feelings towards Thorton that viewers had not heard before.

“Cassie makes me feel complete. I would love nothing more to hear that Cassie is falling in love with me,” he told producers.

However, the mood quickly dampened when Underwood broke the news to Randolph that he did not receive her father’s blessing when he asked him about a potential proposal.

“I just feel so confused,” Randolph said.

After their daytime date, Randolph received a visit from her father. They had a talk to discuss her feelings for Underwood and the discussion ended in the 23 year old deciding that she had to send herself home.

Meanwhile, Underwood seemed very hopeful about their evening date.

“Cass is the one. I feel like my whole life is leading to tonight,” he told producers.

When Randolph broke the news to Underwood during their evening date, he became very emotional.

“I want to be with you,” he told her. “I don’t care if you’re going to leave. I’m not going to stop fighting for you.”

Underwood also tried to convince Randolph that he was not pressuring her into an engagement. She told him that the problem was that she did not know if she could reciprocate the same feelings.

Unfortunately for him, Randolph, true to her word, left the date in tears.

The “fence hop”

This dramatic bachelor breakup is what resulted in Underwood’s temper tantrum and fence hop.

Underwood left the date venue in a huff, where he headed straight for the white fence, bordering the cabin where he was scheduled to stay. He booked it straight down the country road, just outside of the venue.

The episode ended with Harrison chasing after Underwood, who couldn’t be found.

This means third contestant, Hannah Godwin, did not receive her date and it’s not clear if she ever will.