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The Latest COVID-19 Numbers

The Latest COVID-19 Numbers

Canada has 97,178 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are over 7 million cases globally.
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Around the World

Total Cases: 7,969,003
Total Deaths: 434,669
Recovered: 3,815,746

Most cases by country:

United States: 2,105,482
Brazil: 867,624
Russia: 536,484
India: 332,424
United Kingdom: 298,312

In Canada

Total Cases: 100,404
Total Deaths: 8,231
Recovered: 61,260

Are we flattening the curve?

Overall, the number of new cases each day is decreasing and the curve appears to be flattening.
Daily increase: 361

Total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada by date

110000100000900008000070000600005000040000300002000010000Daily Increase5500500045004000350030002500200015001000500Mar 17Jun 14Total CasesDaily IncreaseTotal DeathsMarch 17Total Cases: 478Daily Increase: 478Total Deaths: 0March 18Total Cases: 657Daily Increase: 179Total Deaths: 0March 19Total Cases: 800Daily Increase: 143Total Deaths: 0March 20Total Cases: 943Daily Increase: 143Total Deaths: 12March 21Total Cases: 1,277Daily Increase: 334Total Deaths: 18March 22Total Cases: 1,469Daily Increase: 192Total Deaths: 20March 23Total Cases: 2,088Daily Increase: 619Total Deaths: 24March 24Total Cases: 2,790Daily Increase: 702Total Deaths: 27March 25Total Cases: 3,251Daily Increase: 461Total Deaths: 35March 26Total Cases: 4,042Daily Increase: 791Total Deaths: 39March 27Total Cases: 4,682Daily Increase: 640Total Deaths: 53March 28Total Cases: 5,576Daily Increase: 894Total Deaths: 59March 29Total Cases: 6,280Daily Increase: 704Total Deaths: 61March 30Total Cases: 7,398Daily Increase: 1,118Total Deaths: 89March 31Total Cases: 8,527Daily Increase: 1,129Total Deaths: 96April 1Total Cases: 9,560Daily Increase: 1,033Total Deaths: 109April 2Total Cases: 11,284Daily Increase: 1,724Total Deaths: 138April 3Total Cases: 12,545Daily Increase: 1,261Total Deaths: 187April 4Total Cases: 14,018Daily Increase: 1,473Total Deaths: 231April 5Total Cases: 15,940Daily Increase: 1,922Total Deaths: 280April 6Total Cases: 16,563Daily Increase: 623Total Deaths: 323April 7Total Cases: 17,872Daily Increase: 1,309Total Deaths: 380April 8Total Cases: 19,141Daily Increase: 1,269Total Deaths: 435April 9Total Cases: 20,654Daily Increase: 1,513Total Deaths: 509April 10Total Cases: 22,059Daily Increase: 1,405Total Deaths: 569April 11Total Cases: 23,316Daily Increase: 1,257Total Deaths: 653April 12Total Cases: 24,298Daily Increase: 982Total Deaths: 717April 13Total Cases: 25,680Daily Increase: 1,382Total Deaths: 780April 14Total Cases: 27,063Daily Increase: 1,383Total Deaths: 903April 15Total Cases: 28,253Daily Increase: 1,190Total Deaths: 1,010April 16Total Cases: 30,973Daily Increase: 2,720Total Deaths: 1,193April 17Total Cases: 32,857Daily Increase: 1,884Total Deaths: 1,309April 18Total Cases: 34,386Daily Increase: 1,529Total Deaths: 1,467April 19Total Cases: 36,039Daily Increase: 1,653Total Deaths: 1,580April 20Total Cases: 37,933Daily Increase: 1,894Total Deaths: 1,690April 21Total Cases: 39,405Daily Increase: 1,472Total Deaths: 1,915April 22Total Cases: 41,650Daily Increase: 2,245Total Deaths: 2,081April 23Total Cases: 43,286Daily Increase: 1,636Total Deaths: 2,241April 24Total Cases: 44,364Daily Increase: 1,078Total Deaths: 2,392April 25Total Cases: 46,380Daily Increase: 2,016Total Deaths: 2,549April 26Total Cases: 48,020Daily Increase: 1,640Total Deaths: 2,687April 27Total Cases: 49,616Daily Increase: 1,596Total Deaths: 2,841April 28Total Cases: 51,150Daily Increase: 1,534Total Deaths: 2,983April 29Total Cases: 52,865Daily Increase: 1,715Total Deaths: 3,155April 30Total Cases: 54,457Daily Increase: 1,592Total Deaths: 3,310May 1Total Cases: 56,343Daily Increase: 1,886Total Deaths: 3,537May 2Total Cases: 57,927Daily Increase: 1,584Total Deaths: 3,684May 3Total Cases: 60,504Daily Increase: 2,577Total Deaths: 3,795May 4Total Cases: 61,957Daily Increase: 1,453Total Deaths: 4,003May 5Total Cases: 63,215Daily Increase: 1,258Total Deaths: 4,190May 6Total Cases: 64,694Daily Increase: 1,479Total Deaths: 4,366May 7Total Cases: 66,201Daily Increase: 1,507Total Deaths: 4,541May 8Total Cases: 67,674Daily Increase: 1,473Total Deaths: 4,697May 9Total Cases: 68,918Daily Increase: 1,244Total Deaths: 4,823May 10Total Cases: 70,091Daily Increase: 1,173Total Deaths: 4,991May 11Total Cases: 71,264Daily Increase: 1,173Total Deaths: 5,115May 12Total Cases: 72,419Daily Increase: 1,155Total Deaths: 5,300May 13Total Cases: 73,568Daily Increase: 1,149Total Deaths: 5,425May 14Total Cases: 74,781Daily Increase: 1,213Total Deaths: 5,562May 15Total Cases: 75,959Daily Increase: 1,178Total Deaths: 5,679May 16Total Cases: 77,206Daily Increase: 1,247Total Deaths: 5,800May 17Total Cases: 78,332Daily Increase: 1,126Total Deaths: 5,903May 18Total Cases: 79,411Daily Increase: 1,079Total Deaths: 5,960May 19Total Cases: 80,498Daily Increase: 1,087Total Deaths: 6,028May 20Total Cases: 81,575Daily Increase: 1,077Total Deaths: 6,150May 21Total Cases: 82,750Daily Increase: 1,175Total Deaths: 6,267May 22Total Cases: 83,947Daily Increase: 1,197Total Deaths: 6,360May 23Total Cases: 85,151Daily Increase: 1,204Total Deaths: 6,424May 24Total Cases: 86,106Daily Increase: 955Total Deaths: 6,534May 25Total Cases: 87,122Daily Increase: 1,016Total Deaths: 6,655May 26Total Cases: 88,093Daily Increase: 971Total Deaths: 6,753May 27Total Cases: 88,989Daily Increase: 896Total Deaths: 6,877May 28Total Cases: 89,976Daily Increase: 987Total Deaths: 6,982May 29Total Cases: 90,910Daily Increase: 934Total Deaths: 7,063May 30Total Cases: 91,680Daily Increase: 770Total Deaths: 7,295May 31Total Cases: 92,479Daily Increase: 799Total Deaths: 7,305June 1Total Cases: 93,288Daily Increase: 809Total Deaths: 7,404June 2Total Cases: 93,960Daily Increase: 672Total Deaths: 7,477June 3Total Cases: 94,641Daily Increase: 681Total Deaths: 7,579June 4Total Cases: 95,269Daily Increase: 628Total Deaths: 7,717June 5Total Cases: 95,947Daily Increase: 678Total Deaths: 7,773June 6Total Cases: 96,457Daily Increase: 510Total Deaths: 7,800June 7Total Cases: 97,178Daily Increase: 721Total Deaths: 7,877June 8Total Cases: 97,779Daily Increase: 601Total Deaths: 7,897June 9Total Cases: 98,241Daily Increase: 462Total Deaths: 7,960June 10Total Cases: 98,720Daily Increase: 479Total Deaths: 7,994June 11Total Cases: 99,159Daily Increase: 439Total Deaths: 8,049June 12Total Cases: 99,595Daily Increase: 436Total Deaths: 8,107June 13Total Cases: 100,043Daily Increase: 448Total Deaths: 8,146June 14Total Cases: 100,404Daily Increase: 361Total Deaths: 8,231

(Data source: John Hopkins University updated June 15, 3:33 p.m.)

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada by province

1 - 100101 - 1,0001,001 - 5,0005,001 - 10,00010,001 - 50,00050,001+Cases: 2,709Active Cases: 187In Hospital (ICU): 12 (3)Deaths: 168British ColumbiaCases: 7,433Active Cases: 422In Hospital (ICU): 46 (7)Deaths: 150AlbertaCases: 683Active Cases: 41In Hospital (ICU): 2 (1)Deaths: 13SaskatchewanCases: 304Active Cases: 5In Hospital (ICU): 0 (0)Deaths: 7ManitobaCases: 32,370Active Cases: 2,630In Hospital (ICU): 419 (104)Deaths: 2,527OntarioCases: 54,054Active Cases: n/aIn Hospital (ICU): 771 (82)Deaths: 5,242QuebecCases: 160Active Cases: 29In Hospital (ICU): 4 (1)Deaths: 2New BrunswickCases: 1,061Active Cases: 3In Hospital (ICU): 2 (1)Deaths: 62Nova ScotiaCases: 27Active Cases: 0In Hospital (ICU): n/aDeaths: 0Prince Edward IslandCases: 261Active Cases: 1In Hospital (ICU): 0 (0)Deaths: 3Newfoundland and LabradorCases: 11Active Cases: 0In Hospital (ICU): n/aDeaths: 0YukonCases: 5Active Cases: 0In Hospital (ICU): 0 (0)Deaths: 0Northwest TerritoriesCases: 0Active Cases: 0In Hospital (ICU): 0 (0)Deaths: 0Nunavut

Province or territory Confirmed casesDeaths
British Columbia2,709168
New Brunswick1602
Nova Scotia1,06162
Prince Edward Island270
Newfoundland and Labrador2613
Northwest Territories50
Repatriated travellers131

(Data source: provincial health authorities, updated June 6-7. Provincials totals may not match national numbers due to delays and variations in the way individual provinces report numbers.)