Photo by Taylor Friehl on Unsplash.

The Nova Scotia pond where hockey was invented is up for sale

Canadians can purchase a piece of hockey history in Windsor, N.S.

Long Pond, located about 50 minutes northwest of Halifax, has been a familiar landmark tied to the sport’s origins. Historians say a game was played on the pond as early as the 1800’s that was similar to what we know now as hockey

And as reported by CBC News, the pond and its surrounding property of six hectares are selling for $1.38 million.

The property has been in the hands of Danny Dill’s family, who bought for $5,000 in 1878.

But Dill also grows giant pumpkins and hosts an annual pumpkin regatta in his community, and said he was faced with having to choose between one over the other when it came to his business.

“It’s like a tug of war, and it’s like, you know, the pumpkins and the farm come first,” he said.

Dill added that his father, a hockey enthusiast, had wanted the property turned into a museum or hockey hall of fame.  He hopes that the dream can be made into a reality.

Town council held a meeting to discuss the impending sale. New owners will have some constraints. Mayor Anna Allen said the town is eager to work with anyone who has a vision for the unique property.

“It’s time to have something there,” Allen said.

She added that she expects there will be a lot of interest in the property.