Skip Darrell McKee of the Saskatchewan Team, 2010 Tim Hortons Brier, Halifax Nova Scotia. (Vern Equinox/Wikimedia Commons, cc by 3.0)

Tim Hortons: Curling, copycats & competition

Today is day three of the Tim Hortons* Brier in Brandon Manitoba, and veteran skips are off to a strong start. Brad Jacobs (Northern Ontario) sits atop Pool A at 4-0, while Kevin Koe (Alberta) and Brad Gushue (Canada) – both at 3-0 – face off this evening for sole possession of first place in Pool B. (Update: Alberta won)

With Tim Hortons’ much loved Roll Up The Rim contest *also* in full swing, it is the perfect time for a weak pun about rolling the rings to win. However, there are more important goings on in the world of coffee contests.

Timothy’s is currently holding their “Peek under the rim for a chance to win” contest. Timmy’s Roll Up the Rim. Timothy’s “Peek under the rim.” Amazingly, there is no lawsuit.

Also amazing (or just mildly interesting): Second Cup recorded its highest profits in four years without the help of any rim-related contests whatsoever. President & CEO Garry Macdonald credits several new initiatives for the strong performance, including Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Look out Timmy-othy’s.

*Tim Hortons has been the primary sponsor of the Brier since 2005. The term “Brier” comes from a tobacco brand sold by Macdonald Tobacco, the Brier’s original sponsor from 1927-1979. (Wikipedia)