Screenshot, Facebook, Ashleigh Mae Debreuil.

‘Toilet Paper Challenge’ provides uplifting distraction amid COVID-19

A viral video providing a national twist on the COVID-19 toilet paper craze has shown how Canadians can stay connected during a time of heavy news updates and social isolation.

The light-hearted clip, dubbed the Toilet Paper Challenge, has accumulated 96,000 shares and 1.3 million views on Facebook alone.

The one and a half minute montage shows a number of Canadians tossing a roll of toilet paper with their hockey sticks from coast to coast.

Ashleigh Mae Debreuil, a Manitoban who first shared the video last week, credited the film to Bryton Palka and Devon Chudy.

“During this time of social distancing and self isolation it sure was uplifting to watch,” Debreuil wrote. “Just had to share it with you.”

Since Debreuil’s initial share, it has amassed more than 2,000 comments, most of which have been positive, indicating their thanks to the video’s creators.

The Toilet Paper Challenge was also shared on YouTube a number of days after Debreuil’s post. In the description Chudy and Palka explain they wanted to make something that would allow them to see their friends despite being in isolation.

“Hockey is something we all have in common,” they wrote.