Photo by Naufal Giffari on Unsplash.

U.S. customs seizes 3,500 Christmas elves from Canada

Officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection had their hands full after seizing an abundance of elf-hatching Christmas toys from Canada at the Champlain, N.Y., border.

The agency told the Canadian Press that a commercial shipment of about 3,500 Elf Hatching Eggs, were confiscated due to improper documentation.

The toys did not have tracking label information or a general certificate of conformity, which are both required by law.

Described by its manufacturer as a “fun twist on the traditional Christmas Elf,” the toy takes the shape of a 10-centimetre egg that eventually transforms or “hatches” into an elf after being submersed in water for over 72 hours.

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“Will then grow for up to 2 weeks if kept in water,” it notes in the toy’s features on the website.

Champlain Area port director Steven Bronson told CP in a statement that border agents and the Consumer Product Safety Commission worked together on the file to enforce safety laws and “keep potentially harmful toys out of the hands of children.”

The confiscated cargo was estimated to have a value around $38,000.