UFO enthusiasts to meet in Manitoba for anniversary of 1967 ‘encounter’

UFO enthusiasts from across the world are expected to convene this weekend at a wooded area in Manitoba where they believe a man had an encounter with alien spaceships.

On May 20, 1967, Stefan Michalak, an amateur geologist, was prospecting for quartz and silver in a forrest near Falcon Lake, Man., when he claimed he heard a whole flock of geese start honking. He said he looked up to see two flying objects in the sky.

Michalak claimed one stayed in the air while the other descended and landed. After a few minutes, he said a door started opening. A strong beam of light came out from inside before the door snapped shut again. The ship took off again suddenly and Michalak said his shirt suddenly caught fire.

When Michalak returned home, he said he had strange burn marks on his abdomen.

“Whether it was something from outer space or a military vehicle… there’s no question something happened. It’s a mystery. It’s quite fascinating. I knew the family quite well, and he wasn’t the type of guy to make up stories like this,” Winnipeg researcher Chris Rutkowski told 680 CJOB.

Rutkowski wrote a 2017 book about the episode — When They Appeared — with Michalak’s son, Stan. He said the encounter is a part of Manitoba’s history that most people don’t appreciate.

UFO believers are set to meet for a festival — called Falcon Lake UFO Encounter Weekend — at the place of the encounter, which was around 150 kilometres east of Winnipeg. The event will feature a talk from Rutkowski, a horseback ride to the site, and the screening of a UFO related movie.