Vancouver hikers leave injured woman behind

A group of B.C. hikers left an injured woman behind on a trail with no apparent intention to call for help.

CTV News reported that North Shore Rescue called out the hikers for abandoning the woman, who had hurt her ankle on a tough trail Sunday afternoon.

Search manager Allan McMordie told CTV News that he’s never seen hikers leave someone behind and not look for help.

“The worst kind of behaviour is leaving somebody out in the woods, all by themselves in the dark,” he said. “Take a look at yourselves, and decide…what kind of person would do that.”

The group of five hikers had reportedly met on the Chinese social media platform, WeChat. They agreed to hike a trail together that had 1,200 metres of elevation and typically takes around 10 hours to walk.

After the group reached the summit and started to return back down, the woman rolled her ankle.

“She had very poor shoes. She had these sparkling running shoes on,” McMordie said.

Three of the faster hikers went ahead, leaving the fourth with the woman. But he later abandoned her as well. It wasn’t until three hours later that another hiker found the woman while he was walking along the trail.

The man helped the injured woman down the trail until he had cell reception and called for help.

Emergency crews put the woman’s foot in a walking boot so she could get the rest of the way down.

McMordie said he gave the hikers who abandoned the woman a “little bit of a lecture” when he came across them at the bottom of the hill. He added that they didn’t seem to take any responsibility for their actions.