Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels.

Vancouver to get drenched with most of its monthly rain in just one week

Vancouver is expected to get soaked with the majority of its monthly rain this week.

Environment Canada predicts the B.C. city will receive about 70 per cent of October’s average rainfall in just six days.

Wet weather has been forecast for every day this week until Tuesday. This dousing could bring around 90 millimetres of rain by Monday.

Despite the rain, temperatures are set to reach seasonal averages. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday calls for rain and daily highs between 13°C and 11°C with daily lows between 10°C and 8°C. This will give Vancouverites a break from colder weather after Metro Vancouver experienced record low temperatures last week.

But non-stop rain is not something that’s new to the city. It had more than twice of its average rainfall in September in addition to flash flooding caused by intense downpour on Sept. 9.