Photo by Max Berger on Unsplash.

Video of ‘pigeon bowling’ at Ontario fair provokes backlash

Organizers and participants of a game at an Ontario fair have ruffled the feathers of animal rights activists.

Last week, Essex County’s Harrow Fair held its roller pigeon contest — an activity that involves throwing a pigeon like a bowling ball and seeing how far it will tumble. But a video posted of the game on Facebook has sparked some negative reaction.

Jo Bulm, one Facebook user who posted the video, urged others to contact the fair’s board office to tell them to put an end to the activity.

“PIGEON BOWLING. Just ONE of the many inhumane activities the Harrow Fair puts on each year,” she wrote.

On the Harrow Fair’s website, it’s explained that the pigeons used in the competition are known for their “acrobatic abilities.”

“They are the bowling balls of the avian world. Also known as Parlour Tumblers, these pigeons make their way through life not by flying…but by somersaulting on the ground,” the description states.

“Watch them flip, flop and flap as they somersault over the ground like a bowling ball with wings.”

A majority of the individuals commenting on Bulm’s video dissaproved of the fair activity.

“Wow absolutely gross the lack of respect for animals,” one user said.

“Shame on these people!” another comment read.

Some with opposing views tried to challenge Bulm and others who condemned the pigeon bowling.

“If you want to learn something, instead of making false assumptions you should contact me and learn about the breed. Or better yet Google parlour roller pigeon and read,” one user told Bulm in the post’s comments.

“Oh my god. Shut up and stay in your parents basement. Nobody asked you to come out to the fair,” another said.