Screenshot from Ashley Grace Burr, Twitter.

Viral photo reveals tiny bathroom for Vancouver bus drivers

A photograph of a Metro Vancouver bus driver’s bathroom has gone viral for unexpected reasons.

In addition to a toilet, there’s a microwave and a chair stationed at an arms length distance, giving a reasonable belief that certain transit workers eat their food the same place where they’re taking a number two.

Brad Stringer, a driver who takes his breaks in the room at the end of a North Vancouver route told News 1130 that the room is the only space he has for some downtime.

But Ben Murphy, a TransLink spokesperson said the room wasn’t supposed to be used for anything other than using the toilet.

Murphy said supervisors have continuously removed the microwave after staff keep putting it back.

“[Coast Mountain Bus Company] provides facilities for operators to use the washroom or spend rest time along the system, with most being found at the end of routes,” he said.

The other facilities, according to Stringer, range in their quality and comfort.  For example, he told News 1130 about one station that has outhouses for use.

However, he added that the main issue is the fact that most transit workers don’t have the time to get in break, but also use the washroom without ensuring they are on schedule for passengers.