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Wet weather causing Aphid infestation in Calgary

Calgary is currently facing an aphid infestation.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, warm, wet weather in the city has created ideal conditions for the insects to multiply.

And local entomologist, John Swann, told the Herald that its population will only continue to grow until frost coats the ground around the end of September or even later.

“It typically takes about a week to complete their life cycle. So you might have another one or two generations, so they could get a bit worse yet,” he said.

Many Calgarians have taken to social media to express their frustration over the aphid invasion.


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Well, this is how I leave the house now. #aphids #aphidapocalypse2019 #yyc

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The city has seen above average rain and slightly below average temperatures this summer, which Swann said is the best kind of environment for the insects’ soft bodies.

While in swarms the tiny bugs are able to twist leaves and feed on plant sap, Swann said they won’t have much of an impact since many plants are losing leaves as the summer comes to an end.

He recommends using soapy water on plants to deter the aphids and prevent crowding.

“Also, ladybugs love aphids,” he said. “So, feel free, if you have a ladybug come into your house, put it out on your plants that are covered with aphids.”