Neighbourhood turkey, Turk Diggler, spotted using a crosswalk. Photo provided by Jennifer Carriere.

Wild turkey becomes local celebrity in Calgary neighbourhood

Residents of a southeast neighbourhood in Calgary have bonded over a feathered friend that has been trotting around their community. 

A wild turkey, known as Turk Diggler, was spotted last month in Ramsay and has since been the subject of a Facebook group that locals use to track its whereabouts. 

The neighbourhood pet received its name from members of the Facebook group after a number of options were thrown into an online poll for those to vote on. 

The group, titled “Loyal Followers of the Ramsay Turkey,” was formed May 9, and has already garnered over 250 members. 

Turk has been seen in various locations: passing through cemeteries, munching on residents’ birdseed, perching himself on certain doorsteps and even showing up to an art show. 

Screenshot from Loyal Followers of the Ramsay Turkey Facebook Group.

Some local residents have taken to Twitter to document the bird’s daily activities, using the hashtag #ramsayturkey. 

And while he’s been an enjoyable presence since he was first discovered, it remains a mystery as to how he arrived in the neighbourhood.