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Winnipeg man breaks 18 year no-pants pledge after Blue Bombers claim Grey Cup

After 18 years, Chris Matthew will finally wear pants again.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan got locked into a bet he made with friends in 2001 when he said he would only wear shorts until his team won the Grey Cup.

Little did Matthew know that he would have to wait almost two decades before his no-pants streak was broken on Sunday.

As reported by CTV News, Matthew was in Calgary to watch the Blue Bombers take a CFL victory 33-12 against the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Shortly after the win, he celebrated by sporting a pair of grey camo sweatpants. He said that those were one of few pairs that still fit.

β€œI did have one pair that I wore just to funerals, but that pair is a little too dressy. I’ll probably have to buy a new pair of jeans or two,” Matthew said.

Matthew said that his wife is especially happy about his team’s victory.

β€œShe’s happy because now if we need to go somewhere that pants are required, we can actually go there,” Matthew said