Your daily COVID-19 update: April 2

Welcome to our daily COVID-19 update. We’ll bring you the latest coronavirus news and stories about how Canadians are coping during these scary, uncertain times. 

What’s the government doing? Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Tuesday morning that the federal government will do “whatever it takes,” when asked by CBC News’ Matt Galoway whether there was a limit to what the government would spend on the current crisis. 

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for Parliament to sit again to pass more emergency measures, including one that would expand wage subsidies to 75 per cent of pay for businesses. And Health Minister Patty Hajdu admitted that the country’s emergency stock of protective gear for medical professionals was “likely” not enough. 

Canadian governments are refusing to release their own estimates and projections for how many people could get infected or die from the virus. Ryan Tumilty, of the National Post, reports that Ontario Doug Ford admitted that disclosing such information might cause panic. 

What’s happening across Canada? Grocery store staff are getting fed up with some Canadians using their stores as social gathering points. CBC News reports that some have ignored the advice of politicians who have asked them not to use grocery shopping as a social activity. To anyone who is doing this, please smarten up. If you are going to the store, go once a week, and go alone with a list. 

There are blood tests that can tell within 15 minutes if someone is infected with COVID-19, but Health Canada hasn’t approved them for use yet. The tests are only effective around five to seven days after someone becomes symptomatic, but they are being used in Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.

The number of confirmed cases in Ontario have tripled in a week. There are now 2,850 confirmed or probable cases in the province, and 83 people have died. 

The number of confirmed cases in Canada now stands at 9,595 and there have been 109 deaths. 

Lift me up. Zoom has become a very common way for people to teleconference with their colleagues these days. Many have started playing around with the service’s background settings to bring a bit of levity to their daily meetings. The UK’s Evening Standard has put together a list of some of the funnier ones.

We leave you today with the news that K-pop star Jaejoong said yesterday he had COVID-19 as an April Fool’s joke. Fans were not amused.

Stay safe.