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Your daily COVID-19 update: April 27

Your daily COVID-19 update: April 27

Welcome to our daily COVID-19 update. We’ll bring you the latest coronavirus news and stories about how Canadians are coping during these scary, uncertain times.

What’s the government doing? On Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will need a coordinated approach to lifting restrictions to avoid confusion. He also confirmed that the broader Canadian economy will not reopen until a vaccine is available. The most optimistic projections say we’re at least 18 months away from having a vaccine.

The federal government is sending $62.5 million to seafood processors to buy protective equipment.

What’s happening across Canada? Ontario Premier Doug Ford is set to unveil his government’s plan Monday to eventually reopen the province’s economy. Last week, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan released their own plans.

The provincial government has announced schools in Ontario will stay closed until at least May 31.

Ford also announced a temporary pay raise for frontline workers of $4 an hour. It will apply to just the next 16 weeks for those working in nursing homes, shelters and other social services facilities. They will also receive an additional $250 if they work more than 100 hours a month.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault talked about possibly relying on herd immunity to reopen the province’s economy. This would mean purposefully infecting people with the virus to build up antibodies, or using a vaccine to do so. The former approach has been derided by public health officials.

Quebec confirmed 69 more deaths due to the novel coronavirus Sunday.

Alberta reported 247 new cases of COVID-19.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan each reported four new cases.

Nova Scotia reported eight more cases and two deaths.

New Brunswick has had eight straight days with no new confirmed cases.

PEI hasn’t had a new case confirmed since April 8.

The country now has 46,884 confirmed cases, and 2,560 deaths from the disease.

Lift me up. Royal Mail will mark the 100th birthday of Captain Tom Moore — the British veteran who made headlines for raising money for the National Health Service by walking around his garden — with a special postmark. Moore raised more than $50 million, blowing well past his original fundraising goal.

We leave you today with the news that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the country has eradicated community transmission of the virus. The NZ government is set to lift some of its lockdown restrictions on Tuesday.

Stay safe.