Your daily COVID-19 update: May 12

Welcome to our daily COVID-19 update. We’ll bring you the latest coronavirus news and stories about how Canadians are coping during these scary, uncertain times.


What’s the government doing? The federal government is reviewing whether to extend a ban on non-essential travel past May 21, when it is set to expire.


What’s happening across Canada? Ontario Premier Doug Ford was on the hot seat after he went for a jaunt to his cottage, and let two of his daughters, who don’t live at home, visit his household this weekend. Both of these things violate the guidelines Ford is asking Ontarians to follow.


Quebec Premier Francois Legault has said that Montreal’s planned date for reopening schools (May 25) might need to be pushed back even further. Elementary schools and daycares have reopened in other parts of Quebec.


Alberta unveiled a new online tool that will help businesses get ready to reopen. Some businesses will be able to reopen as early as Thursday.


Canada has 4,993 deaths from the COVID-19 and 69,981 confirmed cases.


Lift me up. We leave you today with the news that condom sales saw a huge spike in Canada during the first couple weeks of the pandemic, but have since leveled off, according to Statistics Canada. Pregnancy test sales also saw a significant increase during that time.


Stay safe.