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Your daily COVID-19 update: May 20

Your daily COVID-19 update: May 20

Welcome to our daily COVID-19 update. We’ll bring you the latest coronavirus news and stories about how Canadians are coping during these scary, uncertain times.


What’s happening across Canada? No one’s going back to school any time soon in Ontario. The provincial government has announced that schools will now be closed for the rest of the school year.

The Ontario government has also announced a commission to look into the province’s nursing homes, after they have been devastated by COVID-19. Critics have said this isn’t enough, and that a full public inquiry is needed to look into the system’s failings. The commission also won’t start until September, when health experts expect there could be a second wave of COVID-19.

New Brunswick’s teachers will be back to school in June, but without students. They’ll be expected to report to work to wrap up the year and prepare for the fall.

In Alberta, the provincial government announced $14 million in funding to help nursing homes and seniors residents. The funds were part of a more general $170-million funding announcement. The province also reported 33 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

British Columbia confirmed just two new cases of the disease and three more deaths on Tuesday.

There were no new cases in Nunavut, Yukon, the Northwest Territories or Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday.

Canada has now seen 5,912 deaths and 79,101 confirmed cases of the disease.

Lift me up. Happy World Bee Day! We leave you today with this video of composer Michael Olmer playing “Flight of the Bumblebee.”


Stay safe.