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Your daily COVID-19 update: May 6

Your daily COVID-19 update: May 6

Welcome to our daily COVID-19 update. We’ll bring you the latest coronavirus news and stories about how Canadians are coping during these scary, uncertain times.

What’s the government doing? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $250 million in funding for the agricultural sector. This included $125 million to prop up beef and pork farmers as meat-processing plants deal with COVID-19 outbreaks. This total was far short of the $2.6 billion requested by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

What’s happening across Canada? Rather than take responsibility for the government he runs, Premier Doug Ford has decided to blame public health officials for lags in the province’s testing. The province reported 387 new cases Tuesday.

In Alberta, the provincial government announced it will spend $4.5 million on technology and equipment to speed up its testing.

After more than two weeks without a new case of COVID-19, New Brunswick confirmed a new one in Fredericton on Tuesday.

Newfoundland and Labrador have had four consecutive days without a new confirmed case.

Yukon public health officials say there are now no new or active cases in the territory.

British Columbia Premier John Horgan is set to unveil the province’s plan to start lifting restrictions on Wednesday.

The country now has 62,046 confirmed cases, and 4,043 deaths from the disease.

Lift me up. As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, an Asian species of hornet that devastates bee colonies, has arrived in North America. But with every bit of bad news these days, comes a bit of gallows humor. Readers Digest put together this list of jokes people have tweeted about “murder hornets.”

Stay safe.