Screenshot of J.S. Strange, Twitter.

Yukon photo sparks conspiracy that Greta Thunberg is a time traveller

A 120-year-old photo of a girl in Canada, who bears striking resemblance to Greta Thunberg, has led people to wonder whether the 16-year-old climate activist can travel through time!

The picture surfaced this week from the University of Washington’s digital archives. It shows the Thunberg doppelgänger with two other children working at a gold mine in Yukon.

Lisa Oberg, an archivist at the university told CBC News that she’s not sure what caused the photo to emerge, but thinks that someone might have been using a facial recognition software to search for other images of Thunberg.

Another theory that’s been circulating on the web is that people were hacking into photo databases and photo shopping Thunberg’s face over subjects, but Oberg said that’s not what happened.

“I can assure you we’ve had this photo for well over 50 years,” she said.

Eric Hegg, a Swede well known for his other gold-rush photos, took the photo. The girl and the other two subjects in the photo are not named.

Oberg said that the university has had about 15 to 20 requests from people asking about the photo.

“And we’re getting into almost the triple digits now, in terms of requests to use the photo,” she said.